Nature’s Miracle Advanced Severe Mess Review

Nature's Miracle Advanced Severe Mess

Nature’s Miracle Advanced Severe Mess Is…


Nature’s Miracle Advanced Severe Mess is an enzymatic stain and odor eliminator. Enzymatic formulas are used to digest organic matter which in turn destroys odor and prevents re-soiling. This product targets canine urine, diarrhea, vomit and blood, however, it works great on the feline variety of all those messes as well.

I Had My Doubts

I have to admit I have used other Nature’s miracle stain and odor sprays and I was not satisfied. This particular product works unbelievably well. At first I was skeptical for two reasons:

  1. I had tried other stain and odor removers from Nature’s Miracle that didn’t work well.
  2. When I first sprayed Nature’s Miracle Advanced Severe Mess I had to leave the room because of the smell. Although a pleasant smell, I reacted to it and started coughing a lot. I am sure this is not typical, since I happen to be very sensitive to smells in general.

Glad to Say

I am glad to say that just by leaving the room for a couple of minutes, I not only stopped coughing but was able to return with no further issues. This is a very good thing since I absolutely love this product!

How I Tested This Product

I have used this on new problem areas as well as old problem areas. My technique has varied to confirm its usefulness.  First I tried dabbing up all moisture, then cleaned with water and then applied Nature’s Miracle Advanced Severe Mess. Next I applied it right after dabbing up moisture. Then I tried dabbing, followed by using another cleaning product and then applied the spray. In all cases the results were excellent.

My son spilled some coffee with milk in his car so I gave him the bottle. It worked on that too! Unfortunately he never gave it back to me. 🙁 I miss it so and now consider it a must have in my cleaning arsenal. I am ordering another bottle today.

If you need more proof just Google it. This product rates a consistent 4-4.5 stars at many large suppliers.

The Right Way to Use


I received this product for free from in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest review and do highly recommend this product.

If you have used this product, or decide to try it, please comment below with your experiences.

Nature’s Miracle Advanced Severe Mess Review


Ease of use


Value for money


Product scent




Effective on old messes



  • It works even if I used something else before
  • Sturdy Bottle
  • Effective Sprayer that stands up to frequent use
  • Leaves a pleasant smell behind
  • Good Value for your money


  • The pleasant smell is quite strong at first.
  • I needed to leave room for a few minutes

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