Cruelty Free Makeup and Parent Companies

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What do you think about Cruelty Free Makeup and Parent Companies?

This is a very personal decision to make and we must understand both sides. There are always 2 sides to a story. I do have to say I agree with Kristen Leanne. Like it or not money talks, and major changes are being made thanks to the major players, like Cover Girl.

I understand people wanting to be a more pure supporter of 100% Cruelty Free Companies. It seems to me that these companies also tend to use safer ingredients, but that is not always true. A point that few make, is that Cruelty Free does not necessarily mean good for us. I still advocate for everyone to read labels. If you don’t know what an ingredient is look it up! It might be a vitamin or it might be carcinogenic (known to cause cancer). You must use several sources and be comfortable with their credibility. Only then can you make an educated decision about a particular product.



In the end you need to do what makes sense to you. When you are looking at research don’t take it at face value because, it can be manipulated with or without malice. The people doing the research already have a preconceived hope of what the outcome will be. The seeing what you want to see dilemma. The money talks saying, applies in research as well. Researchers are often paid by the companies, that are profiting from research that supports their product(s).

Finally, just because something is natural, does not guarantee it is safe. Digitalis is a heart medication made from the Foxglove plant. Every part of this plant is toxic, yet the medication can be helpful to some cardiac patients. It does require frequent testing of your blood levels to keep your dose in the “therapeutic range” vs the “toxic level”. My nursing background can be a blessing as well as a curse! While I am not likely to take something toxic by mistake, I tend to worry until I have done enough research on something. LOL

Living a Cruelty Free Lifestyle is a multifaceted endeavor and an individual journey. There is no specific guide I can give you to follow, because everyone is an individual. When considering Cruelty Free Makeup and Parent Companies, buy what feels right to you and embrace everyones’ choice.

Be an educated and powerful consumer, and help change the world. Let me know your thoughts, by writing in the comments below.

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