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I am so Glad You Stopped by…

How Did Cruelty Free Buty Come to be?

Cruelty Free Buty actually started on Twitter for me. I wanted to be able to spread the news about choosing Cruelty Free products. Due to Twitter’s character limits I could not make the title Cruelty Free Beauty, as I had first intended. I was really set on the name so I shortened beauty to buty. In order to be consistent, across all my platforms, I have kept the name this way and have never looked back. This blog is my latest expansion so you will find little else at the time of this blog post. I felt it was important to have something up to let you know what is coming soon…

What is Cruelty Free Buty all about?

Cruelty Free Buty is about becoming the most beautiful you, inside and out, without causing harm to animals, the environment, your loved ones or, of course, yourself.

There are so many ways to improve your life. This site will be the hub, you can come to get the information you seek.

My Passions

I have always been passionate about helping people and animals in any way I can. My longer term goal is to create a non-profit animal organization that will help unite elderly pets with elderly people across the country.

For this endeavor I need start up money. It is difficult to get donations before an organization is set up. However, there are costs involved to get up and running. Cruelty Free Buty will be reviewing and promoting many cruelty free products. If I like their products and they have an affiliate program, I will join. This way if you buy through the links on this site I will receive commissions on those items. The money I earn through these sales will help fund my start up costs and beyond for my organization.

Not all products that I review and promote will result in commissions. I will share ALL good products that I find and use. It is not a requirement that the company pay me, it is a bonus. All products will get an honest review from me or others as they are tried out. In the beginning I may show products that I am interested in trying. After I have tested the product myself, I will add my review. While there will be many typical beauty products like makeup, hair care, skin care, etc. there will also be other items such as cleaning products, laundry supplies, nutrition supplements, food, etc.


I hope you will consider this one of your main information, and shopping sites for your beautiful life!