Easy Defense Flea and Tick Tag Review

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The Easy Defense Flea and Tick Tag by Only Natural Pet is a big part of my natural treatment to prevent fleas.


The most important thing to remember is that it takes 3-4 weeks for the Easy Defense Flea and Tick Tag to become fully effective. It is important to get your pet’s tag on before flea and tick season starts, for optimum benefit. The tag should not get very wet during this period, so remove for baths and swimming. This tag is a deterrent to fleas, ticks and mosquitoes! It does not kill them, so this is not the only flea fighting tool you will have in your arsenal.


  1.  It is a set and forget protection for your pet that lasts 13 months! This means it is good for those of you that live in warm climates where fleas and ticks are a year round problem. [It is important, however, not to let it get wet for the first month while it is syncing with your pet.]
  2.  When you see the price of this tag, you may not think of it as economical. You must, however, consider that it lasts for 13 months not 1 month like the popular, toxic spot on treatments. The fact that it prevents fleas from becoming a big problem will also save you money in the long run. [How many of use really remember to apply a monthly treatment on time? If it is not applied, it can’t work!]
  3.   Nothing keeps 100% of anything off of your pets but I can attest that it significantly reduces their exposure. When fleas are concerned… “A stitch in time is worth thousands” literally.
  4.   These tags can be used on cats and dogs.



  1.  The 3-4 weeks it takes to become fully functional may seem like a big hinderance but, if you have knowledge, it really isn’t that bad. As stated above simply apply your pet’s new tag before the season starts. If you live in an area where year round coverage is needed, leave last years on while the new one is getting up to it’s full potential.
  2. Once the tag is used for a pet you cannot transfer it to another pet.



***In my household, the Easy Defense Flea and Tick Tag is the core flea prevention that I build around to keep my home fleas free.***


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Only Natural Pet Easydefense Flea And Tick Control Collar Tag For Dogs And Cats - Natural Active Ingredients For Prevention, Control & Enhanced Defense

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